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Home Depot Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom mirror is an important accessories in every bathroom. It is the one that make the bathroom look complete. Aside from its functionality it serves as a decorative piece that can add beauty and depth for the space. It can also make an illusion of space for a smaller bathroom. In improving the look of your bathroom, it is important that you have to install a bathroom mirror that will compliment the look of your bathroom. And you can do it by picking out the right mirror frame that will blend well with your bathroom accessories.

Here are simple tips on how you can frame a mirror for your bathroom.

If the mirror is seized up by a clear mirror clips, you have to change the clips that can go at the back of the mirror. You can ask the staff of the store to help you with the right mounting of the clip so that the molding can stay with the mirror without any slit.

Once the mirror is mounted flat with the wall, you have to measure the four sides and add 1/8″. You have to remember the measurement.

Then you have to go to any home depot stores and select for the decorative molding that will fit your bathroom mirror. You can choose plain molding and have it paint to match your bathroom furniture. Then you ask the staff of the store to cut the molding according to the measurement of the side.


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