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Houzz Bathrooms

Throughout history there have been a group of people who believe that the stars and planets could predict their future, (although with Pluto gone I would question the accuracy). However, the stars that I’m referring to are not in the sky, even on a Starry Night. These are the stars presented to you on your internet search engines when you’re seeking feedback on stores, designers, contractors, or just about anything or anybody.

These new stars, albeit smaller, are almost as important as the older ones that you see up above, on a clear summer’s night. But unlike the astronomical bodies, the internet stars must be interpreted for their accuracy, because they are subject to manipulation by unscrupulous star gazers.

I’ve found that Houzz and Angie’s List seem to have the most reliable feedback, and interestingly, for two completely different reasons. All comments submitted to Houzz are carefully checked for accuracy by their Review Department, prior to publishing the remarks. They confirm that the submissions actually relate to real projects at the appropriate location, and that the IP address of the submitter (your location in the clouds) is accurate and authentic, as well.

Angie’s List is different from most review sites in that you have to pay to be a member, which makes it an expensive proposition to post a multitude of fictitious reviews. The posted reviews are coming from people who are willing to pay to view legitimate evaluations posted by others who have made their own financial commitment. This gives them a high degree of authenticity.


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