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How To Paint Bathroom Tile

If you are interested in freshening up an old bathroom floor, painting the bathroom tile may be all you need to get the job done right. Just about any type of ceramic tile can be painted, so this makes for a fairly easy project under any budget. Painting ceramic tile is straightforward and simple and avoids the need of having to deal with the messy project of retiling. Still, homeowners are often hesitant to paint tile because for fear that it may chip or not hold up well. While it’s true that there are some added difficulties when painting bathroom tile, this project is one that can transform your bathroom when done correctly.

First off, it’s important to know that not all areas are ideal for painting. If your floors are subject to getting wet all the time, paint may not be the best option. Since the bathroom is one of those rooms that can’t help getting wet, consider what bathroom in the home you’re choosing to do this in. Kids’ bathrooms are hard to maintain, while a master bathroom can utilize bath mats and towels to keep the flooring dry. Powder or guest bathrooms should be fairly easy to maintain, as they are not used on a regular basis. Why is it important to assess how wet the tile will get? Areas that are continuously exposed are subject to having the paint peel off. Instead, a professional can come out and paint these areas.

When you have decided which tile you will be painting, your first job is to get rid of the shiny, high gloss surface that paint simply won’t stick to. Start by cleaning the tile with a commercial cleaner that has a mild abrasive. This will get the tiles sparkling clean, while eliminating some of the shine. Also take care of any broken tiles or grouting issues at this time, as you don’t want to paint over problem areas. Next, use a hand or orbital sander and finish getting off the rest of the shine so that the floors are completely sanded. Then clean off the debris and you have a carefully sanded floor that is ready to be painted.

Start your painting job by using a high adhesion primer that is of excellent quality. Then paint over using a latex or oil-based paint. While oil is messier and takes longer to dry, many professionals are happier with the soft texture and durability left behind by oil-based paints, in place of rubbery latex ones. Finally, add an oil-based semi-gloss or high-gloss alkyd for your top coat and be sure to paint several layers instead of one thick one.

Homeowners with older homes or those looking to change their interior design often ask the question, how to cheaply paint ceramic tile? The good news is it can be done easily and cheaply, bringing a whole new look to a room.

When considering how to paint, start with these cheap preparations. The tile has to be well cleaned, removing any dirt, dust, wax and grease. Use soap and a scrub brush for ease in cleaning, and grout cleaner if necessary.

It has to be completely dry before proceeding with the paint. The preparation stage is also the time to repair any ceramic tiles that are chipped or cracked. A cheap quick-drying epoxy can fix any chips, while caulk can address cracks. Both need to be well dried before the paint is applied.

Whether on a floor, wall, or countertop, painting ceramic tile takes the same technique. A cheap roller is best for walls and floors, but since you don’t want bubbles in the paint, a roller with a low nap is recommended. A sprayer is also effective on walls and floors, but be sure to put down a protective covering on nearby surfaces, furniture and other items in the paint area that could be harmed from the overspray of a paint sprayer.

When thinking about how to paint ceramic tile, keep in mind that the proper use of paint is essential for a quality job that will look great. Without the correct paint, peeling can occur. Oil-based paints, epoxy paints, or water-based paints containing urethane resin are recommended for painting ceramic tile. Look for a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint for the best finished look.

Painting ceramic tile and its grout can be done in one of two ways. You can elect to paint the grout the same color as the tile. If you want the tiles a different, contrasting color than the grout, you would need to tape off the grout lines with cheap acrylic masking tape. If you need to regrout or change the existing grout, this can be be done cheaply before painting.

How to cheaply paint ceramic tile using decorative designs takes a bit more time than simply using one color, but the results are phenomenal. Adding a cheap decorative design pattern is common on walls and countertops. Once the tile is painted, use a cheap stencil to create your design. You can also create a design by using two different paint colors. Geometric patterns and stripes are examples of designs that can be achieved by painting individual tiles a different color.

When thinking about how to paint ceramic tile in areas that get wet, like the bathroom and kitchen, there are limitations. For instance, in the kitchen, you can paint a tile backsplash as long as it is immediately dried if water gets on it. But in the bathroom, painting the shower and tub ceramic tiles are not recommended because they get wet too frequently and the paint would not hold up.

How to cheaply paint ceramic tile to achieve the best success is to use a coating after applying the paint. A clear, cheaply priced water-based urethane is best and should be applied at least two days after the painting is completed. This gives the paint ample time to dry thoroughly and adhere well to the tile’s glossy finish. The rule of thumb is to apply several coats of urethane. By applying multiple coatings, you will protect the painted tiles.

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