Fabulous Japanese Bathroom 35 For Your Interior Decor Home with Japanese Bathroom

Japanese Bathroom

Japanese tubs are a great alternative to the traditional western style bathtub so many of us are used to.  Instead of being low and shallow, Japanese tubs are usually tall and deep. In many ways, Japanese tubs can save you quite a bit of space in your bathroom.  In others, Japanese bathtubs can require extensive bathroom renovation.  Here is why:

You are not actually supposed to bathe yourself in a Japanese bath.  Japanese tubs are meant for soaking and relaxation.  The water is heated to a higher degree than typical western bathers are used to and the bather does not enter a Japanese tub until he is already clean.  This means that he washes himself in an area outside of the tub.  If you are considering switching from a western style bathtub to a Japanese bathtub, this is something that should be taken into consideration.

Because the cleansing happens separately from the actual Japanese bathtubs, people remodeling or renovating their homes will often have to rework the plumbing in their bathrooms to accommodate a new set of faucets and a drain.  This is because an area for bathing must also be installed-separately from the Japanese tub.  The easiest way to accommodate this extra bathing area is to simply install it right next to the Japanese bath.

Some people go all out when it comes time to install a Japanese tub and they completely re-do their entire bathrooms to accommodate their new bathing process.  This means that they separate their bathrooms into two distinct areas:  one area for the sink and toilet (though in traditional Japanese bathrooms, the toilet is not installed in the bathroom but in its own, smaller room) and one for the bathtub and the washing area.  These areas can be separated by a door or a curtain.  This is a good choice for people with large families or who live in a home with only one bathroom (Japanese baths are meant to be soaked in for up to an hour)!


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