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Kids Bathroom Sets

Are you thinking of reinventing your bathroom? That is a wonderful idea! Even if it is just simply replacing floor mats, faucets, and soap dishes, or a complete overhaul by adding in whirlpools and shower sets, making changes to a bathroom is always something to be excited about.

While we do not spend a lot of time in this area of the house, we would certainly prefer that it looks sunny and beautiful, instead of old and dull. Additionally, bathroom fixtures like a shower hose, faucets, and towel and toilet paper holders start to lose their lustre and should be replaced after a few years otherwise they will no longer look shiny and attractive.

If you are planning to replace your shower hose, it would be best if you familiarise yourself with the types of hose first. This way, you can better assess which of these would be a good replacement.

The most basic type is the traditional hose that is directly attached to the pipe and serves as the shower head. Take note though that some bathrooms have the basic type in addition to an existing shower head, too, and the mechanism makes use of a switch that allows the water to flow from the hose to the shower head or from the shower head to the hose.

The second type, otherwise referred to as the handheld shower hose, is the more modern version; the hose is made extra long, hanging from a mounted bracket. This bracket is usually placed about two to three feet above the faucet. A good thing about handheld hoses is that it will not be a problem to people who are either too tall or too short to adjust the water flow, which is especially true if there are kids in the house.


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