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Kids Bathroom. Every mother loves to see her kids enjoying water and cleaning themselves in their bathtub. If your kids do not like to spend time in the bathtub, enhancing the design of their bathroom can act as a catalyst. When it comes to kids’ bathroom décor, shower curtain is an important element. Thousands of colors and patterns of bathroom curtains are available in the local markets and the online home furnishing stores. The key to success in choosing the best curtain design for your kid’s bathroom is knowing their preferences.

With that said, when you look for shower curtain designs, you should let your imagination go wild. Moreover, you should recall your childhood preferences and think what you loved most in the early years of your life. Once you analyze these factors, you can move ahead and browse through a wide range of curtains online. However, you must have an impressive theme on your mind while you buy curtains online.


The first thing that you should consider while choosing a bath curtain for kids is the color of the curtain. Usually, boys get mesmerized with colors like sky blue, lemon yellow and light green. On the other hand, girls like pink, red, orange and violet. Hence, you may ask your kids about their favorite colors before starting your shower curtain hunt.

If you are lucky enough to have a separate bathroom for your kids you have a couple of options for the kids bathroom decor.

Your first option is to have the bathroom downsized to the children level, install lower sinks, soft flooring and a childish decor. However you would have to remodel the bathroom in a couple of years as kids grow up very quickly.

The second option is to keep adult size fixtures, and make the decor pleasing to children. This article will give you a few tips on how you can make the kids bathroom a place of their own without breaking the bank and in a way that can be changed easily as the children grow.

Decorating a kids bathroom is a rather fast process, it is in any case faster than if you were trying to decorate a bathroom that is shared by kids and adults.

Wall paint is a quick and easy thing to do, and it is very effective to bring in some bright colors. If the children are old enough you might consider their favorite color. It is not always possible to choose the colors that kids want so your judgement in guiding the choice of colors is important. Remember you can always repaint the walls. Once the wall have been painted you can simply use wall decals to move into a theme. Lastly adding a few accessories like rugs, towels, toothbrush holder in relation to the theme and your bathroom decor will be complete.

Popular themes for kids decor will vary by age groups. The younger children will be very happy with any of their favorite movie characters and you will find that all are available in stores and on line. Disney princesses with variations of lavender, pinks and blues will always be popular with little girls. Cars and sports and monsters themes are preferred by boys.

When children of a different gender must share a bathroom, they will probably agree to a neutral theme. Using bright colorful splashes work well for both boys and girls. For example there is a frisbee theme which offers a full line of accessories with simple bright colors. The theme is very appealing and modern. Animals in cartoon or stylized designs will also work well for both genders. Usually these will be available in many different color models.

The most important thing to remember is not to concentrate on the kids bathroom decor at the detriment of ensuring their safety. Use plastic accessories, round corners furniture, and make sure they cannot be burned by turning the water on too hot. There are devices on the market to prevent this type of accident.

Kids generally hate going to a bathroom which does not have a design of their choice. So, as a parent, you will have to almost drag your child to the bathroom everyday. But this problem can be quite easily solved, if you can fit proper kids bathroom accessories set in your kid’s bathroom.

First, you will have to know what your kid likes or dislikes. Then you can prepare a theme for decoration of the bathroom. You will have to buy the proper kids bathroom accessories set according to your theme. There are a wide variety of proper kids bathroom accessories set available in the market. You will be surprised to see that for every theme you choose, lots of accessories are available in the market.

There are many natural themes available and you can choose any from them. Your kid’s favorite theme could be sea beach or jungle or any of his cartoon characters. A boy generally prefers those designs.

But if you have a baby girl, her choice of a proper kids bathroom accessories set may be a bit different. She may prefer some sort of Princess related design in her bathroom. You can attach a Disney Princess sticker on the curtain to give her the feeling of a princess when she will be using the bathroom.

You can also make the bathroom decorative by attaching a multipurpose rack. For the safety of your child, this rack should be made up of plastic and come with a variety of colors.

If your child prefers a sea beach theme, then you can keep the accessories like soap dishes, tissue holders, toothbrush holders or the mirror in the shape of a fish.

Your kid will really enjoy his bath if you can keep some bath shaped toys in the bathroom. They can enjoy the bath by playing with those toys. You can get toys in the shape of a fish. An attractive towel also makes them enjoy the shower. You can use Little Mermaid towel set for girls and Finding Nemo themes for boys. Kids also enjoy themes like jungle or ducky or pond related designs.

Kids bathroom decorating ideas should always keep two aspects in mid- safety and an interesting theme. There is no dearth of kids bathroom decorating ideas. All it needs is careful planning and purchasing. Include your children as you lay out plans to decorate their bathroom. After all, they will be the ones using it.

First, sit down with your child and decide on a particular theme for the bathroom. You can choose themes like underwater experience or jungle or princess or pirates on the ocean or plain old rubber ducky. Choose a theme that goes with your child’s interests. Then go out and purchase the things you will need. You can get most theme based accessories at a crafts supply store. For instance, if you choose a beach theme, you can get pebbles, shells, sponges, starfish and so on. You can paint designs on to the wall or stick vinyl patterns on to the wall. If you have a glass enclosed shower cubicle, you can stick vinyl decals onto the glass. Use the static based ones instead of adhesive decals. Adhesive ones can leave nasty sticky marks when you remove them.

Choose light colors that go with the theme you have chosen. For instance, if you choose an ocean theme, go in for light blue or turquoise. If your theme is “a jungle experience”, choose pale green. You can paint images onto the body of the wall or you can paint interesting borders as per the theme.

Make sure the bathroom is free of clutter by adding enough storage space in the form of shelves, racks, cupboards etc. Include baskets and bins to deposit laundry and towels. Use colorful towels with cool prints in your kid’s bathroom. You can install a tiered towel rack to hang several towels.

Another thing to keep in mind is safety and accessibility. Choose a non-slip bath tub or get brightly colored non-slip bath mats. The counter tops and bathroom hooks should have rounded ends so that children don’t hurt themselves on them. Include a sturdy, slip proof stool so that your child can reach taps and shelves. A non-slip rug is also a good idea. Make sure you mark the hot water faucet so that your kids do not scald themselves by mistake.

Kids bathroom decorating ideas are fun and creative ones. Just make sure you take safety and functionality into consideration while doing the decoration.

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