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Kohler Bathroom Sinks

The laundry room is stepping up from a utilitarian space to one deserving of design, much like bathrooms, mudrooms, and closets. Washers and dryers are engineered to offer every modern convenience but the manufacturers haven’t overlooked the value of a sleek exterior. The same is happening with laundry sinks. While these basins used to be an unattractive item that added another wash source to the boring laundry room, these sinks have evolved into a functional fixture that works hard but can still look great.

Laundry sinks are intended to handle some dirty chores, like pre-soaking mud-soaked clothing (or pets) or stashing really messy laundry until you can run them through the washing machine. These tough tubs are also used for cleaning things that can’t go into your washing machine, like grimy machine parts, paint rollers, and gardening tools. The deep sink is a great place to fill up a mop bucket so you can keep your kitchen sink clean.

Laundry sinks make sense for any home, but just like the many uses for them, you also have many choices. Here are some things to consider when you shopping for laundry sinks.


With laundry sinks, bigger is always better. After all, the whole reason you’re buying the oversized sink is to give yourself an additional water basin that can handle bigger chores. These sinks come in different sizes, shapes, and depths. The average laundry sink is about 22 to 25 inches deep and can accommodate about 22 gallons. You can get a commercial sized laundry sink, like the Whitehaus Noah’s or Elkay Pursuit, as wide as 36 inches. If you are short on space, the Kohler Park Falls is just 17 ½” x 15 ¼”, and 12 ½” deep. The Park Falls comes in 18 colors to coordinate with your laundry room décor (yes, did you ever imagine you would use “laundry room” and “décor” together?).

Your sink can also have a gentler side. If you have a lot of handwashables, think about adding a sink just for this function. The Hydro Systems Delicate Acrylic Touch features a deep basin with either a washboard or smooth slope interior and a drying shelf. You can even add an optional forced-air aeration system to churn up millions of agitating bubbles for washing those delicate items.


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