Brilliant Lowes Bathroom Vanities 16 For Home Design Ideas with Lowes Bathroom Vanities

Lowes Bathroom Vanities

If you have been to Lowes or Home Depot lately you will see a larger selection of unique bathroom vanities. Most of these vanities are way over priced. These bathroom vanities look very appealing and it provides for an impulse buy, but if you shop around a little you will find these same vanities at a much better price.

A quick example; we found a “42 inch Euro Vanity online at an RTA kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity website for around $290 dollars. That same vanity at the Home Depot web site was almost $600 dollars. We also found out that the Home Depot’s vanity was made of particle board, while the RTA site uses real wood in their bathroom vanity construction.

If you are looking for a very best in bathroom vanities, or even what they would call bathroom furniture, the internet has the stores beat hands down. The websites provided bathroom vanities that were hand painted, they used imported wood, and they were of solid construction. Many of them even come with the vanity tops, hardware, and matching mirrors included. These vanities would be a great addition to any bathroom that wants to stand out from the average.

Most of the cabinets or vanities that you buy these days are labeled RTA. This simple phrase stands for ready to assemble. If you’re buying retail you will see assembled cabinets and cabinets in boxes. It’s basically the same thing. A building supply super store might assemble some of the vanities or cabinets and charge you an even higher price; they also sell RTA cabinets and market these products to the do it your self people. Either way it is the same cabinet, we just found out that it is easy and cost effect to assemble the cabinets ourselves. Some of the real nice bathroom vanities come assembled and are shipped directly to you, but others can easily be put together with a flat head screw drive. All of the RTA bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets come with one simple page of instructions.

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