Bathroom Showers

A popular new trend in home improvement is remodeling bathrooms with jetted showers. A jetted shower not only gives you a place to do the everyday bathing task, but will become your new home spa escape to unwind after a hard day. These jetted bathroom showers can also come with optional steam kits, bringing the spa to you. If you go for the jetted shower with steam, you will be upgrading your bathroom to the highest standard of luxury available on the market, and this will also increase the value of your home. However, the jetted shower panel alone with a brilliant new shower enclosure and shower tray is enough to make anyone say “Wow!” after being a guest in your home.

There are a variety of jetted showers you can choose from to create the dream bathroom you’ve always wanted. A jetted shower usually comes as a complete shower package, including a new shower column with adjustable body water jets, a shower tray, and a beautiful glass or acrylic shower enclosure. Of course, there are different options depending on the shower column you choose, but these jetted bathroom showers are a luxurious escape no matter which style you choose. There are jetted shower models with a “rain” showerhead built into the top of the enclosure, a jetted shower panel, a hand held personal showerhead attached to the column, and possible a steam kit to turn your jetted shower into your own steam room.


Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

We, humans always have the tendency to choose things according to our taste and desire. We always think that the things we choose or select should look good to us as well as to others. Therefore we do lot of researches and consult our dear and near ones to have the particular idea about the thing we are going to buy.

Whether it is for personal or commercial use we always take into account its usability, price and workability. It could be anything let us say for example vanity furniture for the bathroom. Bathroom just has the great importance to play like any other portion of the house.

All of us normally start our day by first going to bathroom or washroom to make ourselves fresh from the long nine hours sleep. People usually spend most of their time in bathroom or washroom so, it is very important that it should have aesthetic look with good interior decor to make you feel rejuvenating.

For that elegantly looking bathroom there are numerous options available such as vanity furniture which may offer a contemporary as well as vintage look to the bathroom. Bathroom vanity furniture mainly includes vanity mirror mounted over the washbasin and beneath it are the vanity cabinets that may be used for storing various bathroom accessories.


Bathroom Vanity

Perhaps one of the most common types of home improvement projects is the bathroom. In fact, it is a nearly a tie between the bathroom or the kitchen as the most common updated rooms of a home! And like any other home improvement project, a bathroom remodel – especially one that is located off the master bedroom – means there are a variety of choices to be made from the types of flooring and fixtures to features such as the bathroom vanity and lights.

So what kind of elements does one consider when a bathroom remodel is being planned? After all, there are so many choices! But perhaps the first thing to do is to have a plan. Be sure to keep things such as budget and useable space key determinants in the process so that you can move forward. Of course, if you work with a skilled team of remodelers, then you can be sure that they will know to plan the space so that you get the most boost for your budget.

As you begin thinking about upgrades, don’t forget about choosing a bathroom vanity that complements your style. No longer is one relegated to boring Formica countertops for the bathroom! Today’s homeowners can choose from a variety of surfaces such as inlaid tiles, natural stone or even custom pieces that add depth and beauty. But each of these bathroom vanity tops offer a range of features or options of customizing. As you make your decision, keep in mind these basics of bathroom vanity choices.


Bathroom Ideas

he bathroom is your domain of relief. It should bring comfort and joy to your life and should welcome your daily necessities in style and personality. Having a small bathroom seems to have no room for style, but with a little motivation and creativity, you can transform this important room. If your bathroom is in need of a remodel, or just a slight makeover, here are some great bathroom renovation ideas that will improve any boring or out of style washroom.

The Eclectic Bathroom

To be eclectic is to just take from various sources or ideas. If you’re looking for small bathroom ideas, a great way to do it is to take from different styles and add them all together. One great eclectic design idea is to have a ceiling mounted shower head. Just add an awesome looking circular shower curtain and you’ll have a unique style others will admire.

The Contemporary Bathroom

A great modern look to your bathroom can really add to the style and creativity of its look. Modern design is all about finding your personal style and just letting go of your inhibitions. To add an elegant, modern look, add a bathroom pedestal sink. They’re especially convenient for small bathrooms, because they take up way less room.

The Traditional Bathroom

While a traditional look may seem less modern, you can add elements that will really emphasize modern design. Adding a walk-in glass shower will maintain the traditional look and add a modern edge that will impress any bathroom enthusiast.

Don’t let your small bathroom prevent you from expressing your creativity. Pick a style (or lots of different styles) and go wild!


Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom mirror is of great importance in the bathroom. The unit not only ensures that you are able to see yourself, it also adds style to your bathroom. There are many types of these units that you can go for. Some of the most common ones are:

Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

This is one of the most common units that you find in bathrooms. The cabinet hangs above the sink in the bathroom. It comes with a mirror on the door and shelves inside it. The aim of the shelves is to hold medicine bottles and any other items that you might be having.

The cabinets are ideal for you if you don’t have a lot of things to store. For ideal results, you should go for a cabinet that matches the other d├ęcor in the bathroom.

Shadow Box

They are also known as ledge mirror and they are characterized by in-built ledges that hold the various bathroom products such as soap. These units are ideal for you if you like having your things close at hand. If you like a minimalistic look you should stay away from these units. This is because they tend to make your place seem cluttered.


Due to their buffed edges, they seem to be floating on the wall. If you want to have a custom look you only need to approach your glass-maker and he/she will cut the mirror that will match the size of your wall. This mirror looks excellent in a contemporary bathroom.


This is ideal for you if your bathroom is small in size thus you don’t have room for an over-sink mirror. The extension mirror extends from the wall on a swing-arm mount thus providing you with flexibility when you want to save space.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bathroom Mirrors

For you to buy the right mirror you need to consider a number of factors. Some of the factors you need to consider include:

Room style: to create an awesome look you should match the style of the mirror with that of the room. If there are two sinks in the bathroom you should go for matching mirrors. If you want to draw attention to the mirrors you should go for those ones that are large and with interesting frames.


Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Double sinks bathroom vanities can be fixed to suit many interior styles adding texture and grace for a complete bathroom look. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, styles, themes, designs, and materials to choose from. Some sinks can be even customized when buying from big retailers which will have a personal touch to match one’s tastes. Here are a few different double sink bathroom vanities.


For a rustic or countryside look, choose double sinks that are made from traditional makes like fire clay, cast iron or even granite for a homely feel. This can blend in with modern homes and is a nostalgic choice for adults. Larger bathrooms will be a perfect choice for this setting. With the right mirrors, cabinets and counter tops, one will surely feel far and free from the busy city life and can cherish the charming farmhouse styled double sink bathroom vanity.


This material has its own variations in terms of strength and quality. They are a durable choice for a rustic or Mediterranean type of bathroom setting. The popular belief that copper is malleable and a ductile is soon vanished when it is properly treated and molded into a bathroom sink which radiates beauty. Due to their anti-bacterial properties, copper sinks have been a common choice for bathroom sinks. They require very less maintenance and change color in the course of time due to their exposure to external changes.


Master Bathroom Ideas

In recent times the kitchen has become more than just a room to prepare food. Now days many families gather in the kitchen and spend family time together in that room eating or possibly chatting or playing cards. Another room that has also grown in popularity in the home is the master bedroom. Homeowners are becoming more aware of the importance of this room and to this end often contemplate revamping this room. To that end homeowners will need to have a master bathroom design in order to create the environment and bathing experience that they desire.

The bedroom and the bathroom are obviously connected. This room should be planned around the dressing area in the bedroom as most often this area leads to the room where people bath. Usually this room is situated at the farthest place in the room as it is deemed the most private.

Most often the door between these two rooms remains open when it is unoccupied. If this room is situated whereby one has to go through the dressing room in order to get to go the toilet or shower then it allows either one of the couple to get ready in the morning without necessarily waking the other partner up. This can be very convenient in the case where either one of the couple work shifts or if one of the partners does not work.


Bathroom Vanities

When you are shopping to purchase a bathroom vanity you will quickly understand that you will purchase either a solid wood vanity, a solid wood vanity with veneers or a MDF vanity with veneers. You should first decide which type of construction is right for you. It may be that any of the types are acceptable.

A solid wood vanity is just what it sounds like. It’s wood and it will last a long time and stand up to more harsher conditions in the bathroom. Please know that because it is wood, it may also expand and contract with extreme moisture. Wood is also one of kind. It comes with all the natural imperfections like knots, veining and even discolorations. This is neither a positive or a negative. It’s a personal preference. Wood will also cost more so keep your budget in mind.

A solid wood vanity with veneers has a wood construction base but then it is covered by a veneer which is a thin decorative covering of fine wood applied on top of the wood (or MDF). It is used to improve the aesthetic of the wood but making it more consistent. Veneers also allow more variations of wood grains and colors.

An MDF vanity with veneers is a Medium Density Fiberboard. MDF is made up of very fine particles of wood that are refined and mixed with waxes and resins that glue the particles together then it is pressed into a boards that are laminated with veneers. MDF works great with dowels but doesn’t work well with screws. Some argue that formaldehyde that is used in the gluing process leaks into the room unless the piece is sealed well. There is really no way of knowing if the MDF is sealed though. These vanities mostly came from China or other overseas countries. MDF is also more susceptible to water damage. Steam showers next to an MDF vanity probably isn’t a good idea.