Stunning Portable Bathroom 18 In Interior Design Ideas For Home Design with Portable Bathroom

Portable Bathroom

If you have suffered this season with a colder than desired bathroom you may have started investigating some bathroom heater options. There are wall mounted, baseboard, ceiling mounted, portable, and bulb-style heaters. So you may have narrowed down your option and are now thinking, hmm… Bathroom Heater, Wall Mounted – Good Idea or Bad Idea? After all you do like your walls and never originally had intention of cutting into the sheetrock to disturb anything. On the other hand, a recessed, flush, wall mounted bathroom heater could be the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s a space saving, convenient and best of all, a WARM solution to your icy cold bathroom situation.

Before we get into the pros and cons of a bathroom heater, wall mounted focused, let looks at some other options that you may have considered.

Baseboard heaters are an alternative choice but they are low to the ground and let’s face it, not everyone is super neat when it comes to not throwing clothes on the floor. So if the thought of clothes potentially coming in contact with a baseboard heater and potentially getting damaged, is not your thing, we may be able to rule this option out. Unless of course you can give your family a crash course in good housekeeping and convince them to tidy up.


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