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Restoration Hardware Bathroom Vanity

Restoration Hardware Bathroom Vanity. If you give a hard look at the bathroom space you will realize that the bathrooms are made mainly of tiles, and hardware that is boring to look at. Such bathrooms don’t appear as interesting places and people love to visit them frequently them. With a few bathroom decorations, the place can look more attractive and inviting.

Decorate your bathroom by adding accessories:

Setting up new accessories in the bathroom can really be an expensive affair. Many high end bathrooms are restored so that enough space can be available in these bathrooms, so that new high end equipment can be set up them. It can be a time consuming process trying to put up high ends restorations in the bathroom. Without making major changes too you can redress the entire bathroom space to make is attractive and comfortable for your own use.

A number of accessories and designer furniture are available for use in bathrooms. Attractive looking toilet seats, beautiful looking tiles, tubs etc. are available to add that extra beauty to the bathroom. Even in a small space you may have limited space but without replacing anything major you are sure to make a world of difference to your bathroom.

Reduce old arrangements and replace with the new ones:

Many racks litter the walls of the bathroom unnecessarily, for example a rack for soap, toilet paper, a rack for towels, an unnoticed towels, everything is right there and you really do not require so much around there in the open. By spending a few dollars and a plain screw and a screw driver you can make better arrangements in the bathroom.

A variety of fixtures are available for modern day bathrooms from modern day supply stores for accessories at home. With a modest amount you can change the entire look of the bathroom with bathroom decorations made from a variety of materials. Existing fixtures in the bathroom can be changed and replaced to create a nice updated space in your bathroom.

Heated towel racks, razor trays, floating glass shelves, etc are other unusual products that help in adding storage in the bathroom as well as increasing the visual appeal. Even the sinks can be given a new look, by adding mirrors that are not too expensive. The entire top area of the sink can be added with new fixtures and hardware that matches the entire area surrounding the sink.

Pull out sprayer facets to wash the hair and also a water filter can add to the looks of the entire bathroom. Shower curtains can be changed. Quiet and simple looking curtains can be replaced with curtains made of satin and fringes. With effort put in for a few hours you are sure to transform the entire look of the bathroom with additional bathroom decorations.

The Bathroom has to be one of the least glamorous rooms of a house; but, the potential impact it can have on a prospective Buyers’ decision to buy can be huge.

In response to a recent study where Buyers were asked what conveys cleanliness to them when looking at a potential new home, their response: “The Kitchen Sink, the Laundry Room and the Bathrooms.”

You will notice a recurring theme throughout these tips: CLEAN! And, I’m not talking your once-a-week surface cleaning…I’m talking DETAILED CLEANING.

So, arm yourself with the following list of supplies and products and follow me to the bathroom:

– Gloves
– Sponges (I use three different ones: one for the sinks and surfaces; one for the toilets; and one for the tub/shower
– Scrub brush
– an old Toothbrush (great for corners, along baseboards, around the toilet base, and grout)
– Paper Towels
– Bathroom Cleanser (preferably one with bleach; a disinfectant – I like Soft Scrub)
– Glass Cleaner (e.g., Windex)
– Clorox Bleach Pen (great for cleaning grout)
– Zap Restorer and Cleaner (removes rust, iron stains, calcium deposits, hard water stains, lime scale, soap scum, mold and mildew, and ground-in dirt on porcelain, fiberglass, tile and grout)
– Easy Off – BAM (for shower doors). Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to assist with tough spots.
– Gonzo Odor Eliminator (Absorbs smoke odors, eliminates musty odors caused by mold and mildew, and, helps with pet odors, too! All-natural, odorless, non-toxic volcanic crystals are environmentally safe for pets.)


– Floors
– Walls
– Ceilings (knock down any cob webs)
– Door (both sides) Exhaust Vents
– Tub (make sure to run the jets in the tub to make sure there are no surprises)
– Shower (clean the grout)
– Shower Doors
– Sinks
– Faucets
– Toilets
– Vanity Drawers and Cabinets (inside and out)
– Mirrors
– Windows (inside and out)
– Screens
– Window Treatments (consider removing them altogether; or washing and ironing before putting them back up)
– Shelves/Built-ins
– Linen Closets (inside and out)


Complete any outstanding projects (improvement projects).

Wallpaper? Remove it! Why? Wallpaper is considered a custom decor choice; and, will rarely be the choice of the Buyer.

Patch all holes and cracks in the walls.

Paint walls a neutral color. Avoid white for the walls. Instead, choose a soft (universal) color.

Touch up any wood trim. Trim, ceilings and doors should be white. Using the same trim color throughout the home is preferable.

Wash all windows (inside and out, as applicable).

Replace outdated light fixtures.

Replace pitted or tarnished faucets.

Consider replacing the hardware on the cabinets for an inexpensive (but, effective) way to update the look of a bathroom.

Re-caulk, as necessary.

Remove all cleaning supplies from sight. If the next-best-place for them is under the Vanity (arrange them NEATLY in a container).

Vanity Cabinets should be neat and organized: Clutter-free.

Linen Closets should be tidy: Make sure the contents are appropriate to what should be in a linen closet. APPROPRIATE: Bath Linens (towels, washcloths); Bed Linens (sheets, pillow cases); Bar soap. INAPPROPRIATE: Clothes; Food; Craft supplies.

Tuck all wastebaskets away (place under the Vanity, if possible). When the house is shown, the wastebaskets should be emptied of all debris and lined with waste liners that “fit” the size of the wastebasket.

Remove family or personal photos.

Put away all toilet brushes and plungers.

Remove all toilet and tank covers and take up all rugs.

Remove items typically found on the floor (e.g., scales, hampers).

No personal items should be in plain view. These items should be collected and placed in a basket that fits easily under the sink (inside the Vanity).

If you have a “Kid’s Bathroom” – I strongly recommend you change it into an “Adult Bathroom.” Themed-rooms are a turn-off for Buyers.

Shower curtains should be fabric (preferably, white). No “busy” patterns. I’ve seen some striped patterns actually work nicely.

Place a full roll of toilet paper on the holder.

If candles are in the bathroom, then, they should be new candles (not ones that have been previously burned).

Place a fresh soap pump at each sink.

Place clean, fresh towels in on every towel bar. Rule of thumb: If the walls are white, the towels should be a color. If the walls have color or a pattern the towels should always be white. My preference: white ones.

Add a touch of green to the room (e.g., potted ivy).

Place all toilet seats in the “down” position.


– Plush, thirsty towels
– Greenery (Bamboo, ivy and palm frawns are a few to consider)
– Grasses/Reeds
– Art/Framed prints
– Soap pumps
– Fresh pillar candles (varying in height)
– Fabric shower curtains
– Roll of toilet papers
– Polished river stones
– Sea shells
– Wicker baskets (for functionality, as well as, staging purposes)

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