36 Inch Bathroom Vanity With Top

36 Inch Bathroom Vanity With Top. Vessel sinks are a popular choice when replacing bathroom water fixtures. They can add a very modern and updated look to the bathroom, and are available in many different unique styles that can become the focal point of your entire bathroom. These sinks come in many different beautiful finishes including glass, marble, cast iron, stainless steel, bronze and ceramic. The styling of these sinks mimics that of designs that are centuries old, as washbasins were used long before homes included running water. These sinks are designed to be freestanding, sitting directly on top of the bathroom countertop or other furniture pieces that are designed to support the basin, although some models are designed so that they can be wall mounted.

Plumbing and Countertop Considerations for Vessel Sinks 
If you are replacing an existing bathroom vanity with a vessel sink, you might want to first consult a plumber, in case your pipes need to be moved to support the installation. The existing vanity and countertop will also need to be removed, because they will not be configured properly for use with a vessel sink. Countertop height for a vessel sink is different than for a traditional bathroom sink and vanity, due to the fact that the sink will sit higher than the countertop height. The countertop itself should be designed to be lower than normal, to accommodate the additional height of the vessel sink. Since vessel sinks come in varying heights, you should measure the height of the sink, and adjust the countertop height so that the top edge of the sink is approximately 32 to 36 inches from the floor, which is the conventional height for the top edge of a bathroom sink. If you plan to install your vessel sink on the surface of a piece of furniture, you will want to take this height restriction into account as well. Some styles can also be attached directly to a wall using a specially designed bracket if desired.

Choosing a Faucet for a Vessel Sink 
Choosing a faucet with a unique look that works well with your sink is also a decision that will take come careful consideration. As opposed to standard bathroom sink faucets, which are often designed to be placed close to the back of the sink, a faucet for this type of sink should be placed so that the water hits the bottom of the sink as opposed to the side, since if the water hits the back wall of the sink, it could cause splashing. The height of the faucet should also be taken into consideration, making sure there is ample room between the top edge of the sink and the faucet. Faucets with a long neck are often the best choice. These faucets and fixtures can either be attached to the wall behind the sink, to the countertop or furniture piece that the sink sits on, or at the back edge of the vessel sink itself, depending on the styling of the sink that is chosen.

The first tools you need for getting your new bathroom vanity are a pencil and paper. Write down the exact measurements of the area where you will locate the vanity. Include height, width and maximum depth so it will not project enough to block access. Measure the location of the plumbing and electrical outlets to ensure there will not be issues, or needed outlets won’t be blocked. Too big is as bad as too small-a large one could overcrowd the room.

If measurements show that the right size for year bath is a 42″ bathroom vanity, these are more expensive than the smaller sizes. Prices easily exceed $1,000. Online sites often contain great deals and it is possible to find some for less. Whatever style, brand, color or feature you could want, you will find it online among the amazing volume of retailers online. The intense competition on the internet helps generate great prices that regular stores or big box home improvement centers have trouble beating.

One great online site for deals is eBay. Some are new but many are used and most are available at very competitive prices. For example, the 42″ Modern Single Sink vanity cabinet and mirror is priced for $350. It includes great features like two towel racks, a mirror, two drawers and a counter next to the sink. Another sample is a granite topped bathroom vanity cabinet, single basin that is also 42 inches, and sells for $600. An important note is that the price includes shipping, a big ticket item when buying these kinds of items, especially granite, which is quite heavy. The granite cabinet topped vanity is an impressive piece of furniture with 3 large drawers in a rich brown shade and black granite top. This is a very elegant vanity, and if matched to other black bathroom fixtures would create a striking decor.

Another online retailer offering great prices for 42 inch bathroom vanities is kitchensource.com. The Empire’s Newport Collection offers vanities in many sizes including a 42 inch single basin one very reasonably priced for $450. The white basin undermounts for installation and the counter top comes in many colors to easily coordinate with the bathroom décor. Colors for this price are black, gold peach and rose. Other colors for both the counter and the basin are available for higher prices. The same retailer carries an excellent Empire choice: the Plaza Collection’s 42 inch undermount sink, rich, genuine wood cabinet in great finishes and options for the counter top that include granite and marble. One very valuable shopping feature of this site is that true cost is easier to figure out because the prices include shipping.

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Bathroom Vanity With Top

One of the hottest trends in countertops today is the usage of quartz. It is popular for both kitchen counters and as well as for bathroom vanities and can be used to work with virtually any decorating style. But exactly what are the benefits of quarts bathroom vanities over another choice? Is the difference worth the investment? If you have wondered about either of these questions then take a few minutes to consider the pros and cons of choosing quartz bathroom vanity.

The Pros of Quartz for a Bathroom Vanity

· Quartz is a manufactured product that can be a beautiful addition to your space. Because it is a manufactured product, you can purchase it in virtually any color you desire, as well as being designed to mimic the look of natural stones. In fact, it is available in more colors than natural stones such as granite or marble.

· Quartz is just as durable as concrete or granite countertops, but can take more usage. For example, a quartz bathroom vanity can stand up to drop items, so you don’t have to be concerned about chips or cracks.


36 Inch Bathroom Vanity

When it comes to modern bathroom sinks, this is what every home owner should know about it. Sinks are probably one of the most important fixtures in our homes. So for you to know its importance and how modern bathrooms differ from the conventional ones. In this article, you will learn the following:

  • What are modern bathroom sinks and how do they differ with the conventional sinks.
  • The different types of modern bathroom sinks.
  • The different materials used today for bathrooms.

First, what are modern bathroom sinks? These are modern themed sinks that you see in most modern or brand new houses. The sinks in the bathroom are in fact the most used fixture at home. It is also a very useful piece of fixture that when it is changed when renovating or remodeling, it gives your bathroom a dramatic change. It complements the entire bathroom as long as you placed the right type of modern bathroom sink. That is not a problem at all because these types of sinks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. There are virtually lots of available options in the market that you could choose from.

What is the different type of modern bathroom sinks? Here are some of the common ones:

  1. Console sinks – this sinks are fitted into small table tops that are supported by brackets and legs. It’s pretty much an ornamental or decorative bathroom sink. It’s ideal for vintage – décor bathrooms. A type of console sink, the vessel sinks with table tops are commonly used in modern themed bathroom. It gives the bathroom some sort of open space feel because of the unenclosed sink. However, if you are in need of somewhere to place your bathroom stuff, you will need an extra storage for it.