Ikea Bathroom Cabinets

Everybody knows that RTA Cabinets can save you a significant amount of money on your new kitchen or bathroom, but not everybody knows the difference between the various types of RTA Cabinets that are on the market. It seems like for every person who had a good experience with assembling and installing their own cabinets, there are just as many people who have horror stories from dealing with the wrong supplier or buying the wrong type of RTA Cabinets. In this article I am going to cover the differences between the various ready-to-assemble cabinets that are on the market so that you can ensure your experience is a positive one.

Materials- whether you are talking about custom, stock, or RTA cabinets, the materials used for the construction of the cabinets should be the biggest factor in what cabinets you are buying. The most common question that I get from customers is “what is the door made of?”. People want to make sure that the door is made of real wood, when in reality they should be more concerned with what the cabinet box is made of. 95% of the RTA Cabinets that are the market are going to have solid wood doors and face frames (if not, that should be a red flag!!). Where they differ will be what they use for the box and the back panel. There are a wide variety of materials that are used by manufacturers, including- plywood, fiberboard, particle board, MDF, and solid wood. Plywood and Solid wood are going to be your strongest cabinet box. There are several issues that you might have to deal with if you buy cabinets that use particle board or fiberboard with a veneer cover….. 1) if the material gets wet, fiberboard and particle board tend to swell or buckle 2) both materials tend break or split, especially screws or nails are used. Screws will have a tendency to lose their grip because the material is made of shredded wood or paper vs. a plywood or solid wood material. Ironically, most of the cabinets that you have to special order from Lowes or Home Depot are actually made of fiberboard with a veneer. For a strong, long lasting cabinet, make sure that the cabinet box is made of plywood or solid wood.


Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

When you’re choosing bathroom medicine cabinets, there are so many different styles available that you’d better know what you want before you buy one. And we’re not talking about just the size and color. So what exactly are your choices?

1. Surface mounted or recessed – Usually, a bathroom wall cabinet is mounted on the surface of the wall. This makes it much easier to put up, but may not look quite as nice as if it were set into the wall itself.

2. In a corner or in the middle of the wall – If you have a tiny bathroom, you may want to consider mounting your cabinet in a corner to save space. Then you could put a corner sink beneath it.

3. Mirrored or mirrorless – Most bathroom medicine cabinets come with a door that doubles as a mirror. This is useful if the cabinet is mounted above a sink, so you can use the mirror for shaving or applying makeup. As an alternative, you could mount your medicine cabinet somewhere else, and put a much larger mirror over the sink or vanity.

4. Framed or frameless – For a clean modern look, you could use a bathroom wall cabinet for which the door is actually the mirror itself, so there is no border around it. Or for a more down-home look, you could border the mirror with a wide frame, usually of wood.

5. Rectangular or oval shape – Traditionally bathroom medicine cabinets have a rectangular shape, as this style is much easier and cheaper to manufacture. But many people nowadays prefer a more romantic-looking oval shape, and it’s really not all that more expensive.

6. Single or multiple door – If you are using mirrored doors and want a larger mirror, one way is to buy a bathroom wall cabinet with two or more sliding glass doors. Some models now come with double hinges, or mirrors on both sides of the doors, so that you can see your face from each side as well as head on.

7. Modern style or vintage – If your home decor is modern, there are many bathroom medicine cabinets to choose from that will match this style. Or if you prefer an antique, or vintage look, you can buy a real antique, or a carefully simulated reproduction.

There are probably a few other choices that were omitted from this list. And there are some variations that also were not mentioned, such as mirrors with bevelled corners. So please write a comment if you want to mention your favorite option. And don’t forget to look at the author’s website below for even more ideas.