Bathroom Mirrors For Sale

Bathroom Mirrors For Sale. When it comes to choosing the best bathroom mirror, there are plenty of options. It might not be all that important to you what it looks like, but there are plenty of ways to make it fit into your bathroom perfectly. A mirror can really open up the room and add a bit of a designer touch to the room. When it is time to decide what type of mirror you want on your wall, you will need to find something that is not only functional but physically appealing. Considering cabinets that open near the mirror will be very helpful. It is important to make sure there is enough space to actually put the mirror to good use, and to avoid breaking the mirror.

If you are interested in making the mirror more yours, then maybe you could make it yourself or just paint it with your favorite color. Make sure that you seal the color to prevent destruction due to the moisture created in bathrooms. Maybe you could even use older mirrors as they usually have beautiful decoration around them. Antique mirrors are great as they also add a touch of class.

Where to Find Materials for Do It Yourself Projects

When looking for materials to add a personal style, you can head to your nearby crafts supply store or even go shopping at garage sales for a little special originality. Even going through old stuff to find stickers and other mementos could be helpful. Adding a personalized touch will make it edgy and special. It is also important to remember that if you want to paint the mirror’s frame it is best to match colors and seal the paint after wards.

Tips and Tricks

As already stated before, it is important to consider the functionality of your mirror space. A lot of folks prefer that their bathroom mirror is a hinged model that has the medicine chest feature. A medicine chest mirror is a great way to get both a mirror and some storage space out of the deal. This is a great option especially if the space in the bathroom is limited. A properly placed mirror in the bathroom can make a small bathroom look much larger, mounting lights directly above the mirror will provide great reflection into the room. An oval bathroom mirror will add height to the bathroom. Regardless which model you choose it is really almost a necessity to have a mirror in your home.

If you are decorating your bathroom, buying the first bathroom mirror that you will find in the furniture store will not help you improve the look of your bathroom. When choosing accessories for inside and out of the bathroom, you have to be extra careful because it is really hard to pick the right piece, especially having a small room to decorate like your bathroom. In buying mirror it is important to consider factors such as materials used, theme and the price.


One of the important factors that you need to consider is the materials used for your bathroom mirror. Be sure that the materials use would perfectly fit with the rest of the décor in the bathroom. Make sure that the look it gives will bring comfort to your eyes since mirror is very useful everyday.

Mirrors usually come with frames. Most of the time, mirror frame are made from wood or wrought iron. These two materials used for mirror frame can turn out your mirror into a luxurious piece that you can use in decorating your bathroom. This can match a contemporary or vintage theme for your bathroom.


Aside from the materials used for your bathroom mirror, it is important to consider the theme of the bathroom in order to pick the mirror that will surely fit your bathroom. Most common themes that are available out in the market are the contemporary and modern theme, rustic and other theme. It is up to you which theme you want to portray in your bathroom.

In determining the theme you want to set with your bathroom, you have to make sure that the theme you picked will perfectly fit the rest of the home as well as the furnishings in your bathroom. Having inconsistent theme for your bathroom can give your bathroom a slapdash looks that will create a negative ambiance for those people who will enter the bathroom. There are lots of designs that are available out in the market and for sure you will never experience hard time in picking the right design of mirror.


We all know that anything that comes with quality does not come in cheap price. But in buying bathroom mirrors never base your purchase with the price of the mirror. You have to make sure that you are picking quality mirror. If you cannot afford to buy a mirror because of its price, then you can wait for the store to go on a sale and for sure they will offer the mirror in discounted price.

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Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom mirror is of great importance in the bathroom. The unit not only ensures that you are able to see yourself, it also adds style to your bathroom. There are many types of these units that you can go for. Some of the most common ones are:

Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

This is one of the most common units that you find in bathrooms. The cabinet hangs above the sink in the bathroom. It comes with a mirror on the door and shelves inside it. The aim of the shelves is to hold medicine bottles and any other items that you might be having.

The cabinets are ideal for you if you don’t have a lot of things to store. For ideal results, you should go for a cabinet that matches the other décor in the bathroom.

Shadow Box

They are also known as ledge mirror and they are characterized by in-built ledges that hold the various bathroom products such as soap. These units are ideal for you if you like having your things close at hand. If you like a minimalistic look you should stay away from these units. This is because they tend to make your place seem cluttered.


Due to their buffed edges, they seem to be floating on the wall. If you want to have a custom look you only need to approach your glass-maker and he/she will cut the mirror that will match the size of your wall. This mirror looks excellent in a contemporary bathroom.


This is ideal for you if your bathroom is small in size thus you don’t have room for an over-sink mirror. The extension mirror extends from the wall on a swing-arm mount thus providing you with flexibility when you want to save space.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bathroom Mirrors

For you to buy the right mirror you need to consider a number of factors. Some of the factors you need to consider include:

Room style: to create an awesome look you should match the style of the mirror with that of the room. If there are two sinks in the bathroom you should go for matching mirrors. If you want to draw attention to the mirrors you should go for those ones that are large and with interesting frames.