Bathroom Paint Ideas

Renovating the bathroom is necessary and is more than required of homeowners. Aside from it being the place where personal business gets done (everyone reads the news there, too!), bathrooms have become the amazing respite that is worthy of a day tour spa. Simply put, bathrooms are so necessary and more so, renovating them keeps them working for us, especially when it truly matters.

However, it’s time to also spice things up and push for unique ways to spruce up the bathroom on the next renovation cycle. Here are some ways to do so:

1. Who says the bathtub has to be white?

Also, why does it have to be brand new? A trip to the flea market and other state fairs opens up your horizons when it comes to home pieces that are one of a kind and carries in itself the kind of history that you can never experience with brand new items.

And since the price tag is probably a fraction of what you will spend for if you went shopping in a big store, there is much more room for you to experiment (read: it’s not as nerve-wracking when it messes up!). Start with the knobs and showerheads and door handles. Does it really have to be stainless steel and silver? Find yourself some low maintenance rose gold-colored knobs and copper to make you happen, despite the stressful odds. Bust out as well the paint and start going crazy on your bathtub! Color it shocking shades such as turquoise or crimson. For sure, the professionals at the paint counter can tell you the kind of paint to get to prevent chipping.


Bathroom Paint

When it comes to bathroom wall coverings, most people consider one of three basic choices – painting, wall paper, or tile.

Of the three choices, painting your walls is, by far, the easiest of your options. It is also the least expensive. Painting a bathroom can easily be accomplished on a Saturday morning before lunch. The most time consuming part of painting is masking off the areas that you don’t want to get paint on such as window frames, shower enclosures, tiles, and so on. Once you have used your masking or painting tape to separate the areas and placed your painting tarp on the floor, the actual painting itself is a piece of cake.

If you want to add texture to your wall, you can add sand to your paint before you start. You can’t just add sand that you pick up from your child’s playground, however. You will want to purchase silica sand, which is a special type of sand created specifically for mixing with paint. You can find it at most of the home maintenance centers. Follow the instructions on the bag and you will have no problems. The more sand you use, the more textured your wall will be. If you only want a mildly textured look, simply limit the amount of sand that you put into the paint.

But, adding sand to your paint is not the only way to add texture to your wall. Another method is to add a latex glaze to the paint. Doing this creates a texture and look that can often mimic the look of wallpaper. By using ragging techniques, you can create some spectacular faux finishes that would rival the look of some of the best wallpapers that you can buy.