Bathroom Vanity Tops

When it comes to organizing and de-cluttering skills, you can easily apply them for the task of your bathroom vanity. Before you even attempt to de-clutter and/or organize anything, make sure your remind yourself that you can go at your own pace. There is no need to rush doing your cleaning job.  If you put yourself in a situation where you feel rushed, how will you feel good about what you’re doing?

Focus on feeling happy about doing de-cluttering and organizing because you are a good person. Keep reading this article to learn the latest 3 easy steps to organize the top drawer of your bathroom vanity.

1.    The top drawer of your bathroom vanity can hold many things.  Sometimes too many things.  Take some time now to clean and organize it in a way that makes sense for you.  Start by taking the items out of the drawer.  You might place the items on some newspaper on the floor if some of them are very sticky or gooey on the outside of their containers.

After you complete this first step, you might decide to get up and take a stroll outside and just sing a “la de dah” type of song regarding your wonderful life.  After you’ve done that, perhaps you’ll choose to go back into the bathroom and start looking at the things you took out of the drawer so you can decide if there is something you’d like to throw away.


Bathroom Vanity

Perhaps one of the most common types of home improvement projects is the bathroom. In fact, it is a nearly a tie between the bathroom or the kitchen as the most common updated rooms of a home! And like any other home improvement project, a bathroom remodel – especially one that is located off the master bedroom – means there are a variety of choices to be made from the types of flooring and fixtures to features such as the bathroom vanity and lights.

So what kind of elements does one consider when a bathroom remodel is being planned? After all, there are so many choices! But perhaps the first thing to do is to have a plan. Be sure to keep things such as budget and useable space key determinants in the process so that you can move forward. Of course, if you work with a skilled team of remodelers, then you can be sure that they will know to plan the space so that you get the most boost for your budget.

As you begin thinking about upgrades, don’t forget about choosing a bathroom vanity that complements your style. No longer is one relegated to boring Formica countertops for the bathroom! Today’s homeowners can choose from a variety of surfaces such as inlaid tiles, natural stone or even custom pieces that add depth and beauty. But each of these bathroom vanity tops offer a range of features or options of customizing. As you make your decision, keep in mind these basics of bathroom vanity choices.