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Double sinks bathroom vanities can be fixed to suit many interior styles adding texture and grace for a complete bathroom look. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, styles, themes, designs, and materials to choose from. Some sinks can be even customized when buying from big retailers which will have a personal touch to match one’s tastes. Here are a few different double sink bathroom vanities.


For a rustic or countryside look, choose double sinks that are made from traditional makes like fire clay, cast iron or even granite for a homely feel. This can blend in with modern homes and is a nostalgic choice for adults. Larger bathrooms will be a perfect choice for this setting. With the right mirrors, cabinets and counter tops, one will surely feel far and free from the busy city life and can cherish the charming farmhouse styled double sink bathroom vanity.


This material has its own variations in terms of strength and quality. They are a durable choice for a rustic or Mediterranean type of bathroom setting. The popular belief that copper is malleable and a ductile is soon vanished when it is properly treated and molded into a bathroom sink which radiates beauty. Due to their anti-bacterial properties, copper sinks have been a common choice for bathroom sinks. They require very less maintenance and change color in the course of time due to their exposure to external changes.

Stainless Steel:

For a durable and stylish double sink bathroom vanity, stainless steel will capture the desired essence needed in a bathroom. For a contemporary or traditional look, stainless steel double sink can be a visual spectacle and a joy to clean in your house. From cutting edge approaches to olden time offerings, varieties of these sinks are available to choose from.


Usually used for Vintage styled bathrooms, a porcelain double sink bathroom vanity can be a treat for the sore eyes. A common pick due to its quality, good prices and never ending styles, porcelain is a classic choice for any bathroom fixture.


For a literally clean and sleek look, glass sinks can be fitted for any modern home. Glass vessel sinks are mostly found available due to its convenience and shape. Always choose a high-quality glass for the sink and make sure they are fitted on strong counter tops with cabinets below. Maintenance and cost will also not be an issue here.

There are many more choices to choose from, even the fitting of it can have a lot of experimenting like top mount sink, undermount, wall-mounted, pedestal, semi recessed, wash plane, etc. A good amount of research and information collection can help you find the right double sink for your bathroom.

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Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

One good solution to you and your siblings or spouse fighting all the time over sink space is to purchase and install a double vanity for your bath-room. This way you will no longer have to argue about who gets to use the sink first. Also, a double vanity has extra storage space which will help to make sure that your toiletries aren’t scattered all over the place. At one time, people thought that a bath-room-vanity was not a necessary piece of bath-room furniture. However, that has all changed in recent years. People are more concerned about the setting and the overall appearance of their bath rooms.

The installation of a bath room vanity is necessary in order to make a bath-room complete. A double bath-room-vanity is recommended for larger bath-rooms. A double vanity for your bath-room will create an elegant ambience for your bath-room. Also, it will provide additional storage space. A double bathroom-vanity has considerable storage space underneath the sink for the storage of toiletries in addition to having a large countertop to place all of the necessary items for the day. If your bath room is large enough, you may want to consider purchasing a larger double bath room vanity that will make the bath room appear more luxurious and grander.

One more thing that is attractive about a double bath room vanity is the cost. While there are various prices for vanity cabinets as a result of the numerous sizes and designs, a double-bathroom-vanity is considered a better deal since it only costs a little more than a single bath room-vanity. The double-bath-room-vanity is twice as useful as the single bathroom vanity. You will only have to pay a slightly higher price for twice the storage space and get the comfortable and luxurious sensations in addition to having dual bathroom sinks that will help the amount time that is spent arguing over use of the sink and therefore reduce conflicts.