En Suite Bathroom

En Suite Bathroom. The bedroom is a place of rest for the human body; the body sleeps here for at least 7 hours. Therefore, the bedroom has to be a peaceful and restful place. The energy has to be distributed evenly and flow gently throughout the room.

The bedroom is a balance of not having too much energy (yang) or too little energy (yin). A comfortable bedroom is where you have consistently good sleep and feel totally refreshed after the sleep. What happens when there isn’t this balance?

If there is too much energy, the bedroom will become an active area and therefore, it would be difficult to sleep. Also, wake up in the middle of the night – broken sleep.

If there is too little energy, the place would become very still and lifeless. The person would have a sleep but, have difficulty waking up and did not feel rested at all.

The en-suite bathroom

Feng shui masters of old have always recommended bathrooms (bath and toilets) to be outside of the house.

However, we have moved on. The question now is, how do you manage the bathroom in the house, let alone, adjoining the bedroom.

1. Where possible, do not have an en-suite bathroom. Have the door to open in the landing rather than the bedroom.

If that is not possible, it will be about managing the energy flow to the bathroom.

2. Keep the door to the bathroom closed at all times. This is to minimise the flow of energy from the bedroom to the bathroom.

3. Open the bathroom window where possible and the use of extractor fan is encouraged.

4. Keep the lid on the WC down when flushing the water. This is to minimise the outward flow on energy down the sewer.

5. When draining the water from the bath or sink, try to keep the bathroom door shut so as to minimise this outward flow of energy.

The en suite bathroom brings many advantages to the family home. It frees up access to the family bathroom, especially if you have a daughter who likes to spend a lot of time in it. And, in many cases, if you build it correctly it increases the value of the property. Here are some designing ideas:

Starting from scratch

If you are planning to install an en suite bathroom, you can tailor the design brief to suit the specific requirements of your partner and yourself. If space allows, you may wish to include double vanity or sink units, so that you can both use the bathroom at the same time.

Create a feeling of space

You should ideally decorate an en suite bathroom as an extension of the adjoining bedroom. This will ensure that the two areas complement each other and make both room spaces appear as large as possible. You can continue the flooring from the bedroom into the bathroom to enhance the feeling of space. There is a wide range of bathroom fillings available in small sizes which will enable you to fit everything you require in an en suite bathroom.


Pay careful consideration to the lighting. Good lighting has two functions: On one side it should be functional enough for shaving and applying make-up, and on the other side it gives your bathroom a relaxed atmosphere.

A peaceful haven

An en suite bathroom can provide you with a truly personal space in which to unwind – you are less likely to be interrupted here than in the family bathroom. Try burning some aromatic candles to create a haven of peace and tranquility.

We all dream of having the perfect house from the best location, decor and fixtures to a luxury en-suite bathroom. No longer having to mow down other family members in the relentless pursuit of being the first one to the bathroom in the morning all the while having your relaxing shower or bath interrupted. An en-suite could be a dream facility for a big family.

Imagine escaping to your bedroom for the night after the children have gone to bed without the inevitable scurrying of little feet running to the toilet as you enjoy your relaxing soak. No amount of de-stress candles or soothing music could make up for being disturbed during your so called ‘me time’.

Of course en-suites can be expensive and some families are unable to extend their budget to afford this. However, if unable to afford the whole en-suite but you need an extra toilet why not just have a toilet and sink fitted as an en-suite. This way you would still be required to shower or bathe in the regular bathroom but it would cut down the queues for the early morning rush of getting ready for school/work.

If guests frequent your house you may also want to consider having an en-suite put into the guest bedroom. This would create a wonderful ambience and make your home feel all the more welcoming. Choose colours, if possible, that co-ordinate with the decor of the bedroom so that when stepping into the bathroom it feels like a continuation of the bedroom which will leave people feeling at ease.

Ensure to have plenty of wonderful tonics and lotions spread around the bathtub. If the guests who frequent your house are female they will more than appreciate this considerate thought as they can soak in a lovely bubble bath or a bath filled with crystals and various oils. If you have wonderful fluffy towels also then wrapping themselves in these warm and fluffy towels after their relaxing bath with make them feel refreshed and welcomed.

One of the main aspects of having an en-suite bathroom or any bathroom for that matter is to ensure it is clean and tidy with no mess or clutter strewn about. This can dissipate the feeling of relaxation if people spot grime around the bathtub as they go to put in the plug and would put them off bathing.

The toilet is also a very important facility to keep clean. Ensure that when you clean it you use a bleached cloth or better still a toilet wipe such as Parozone. If using a bleached cloth dispose of it immediately as using it again will cause the spread of germs and faeces. If using a toilet wipe these can make your bathroom smell wonderful as they come in varying fragrances such as orange and lemon. To clean the inside of the toilet use a toilet wipe again but protect your hands by using surgical gloves and clean the outside of the toilet in the same way. After this is done flush the wipes away and then add fresh smelling toilet bleach under the rim and pour some normal bleach into the bottom of the toilet. If left for a couple of hours this will keep your toilet hygienically clean and should be repeated daily.

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