Frozen Bathroom

Countless people are driven insane by the dullness of their bathroom. The lack of sophistication and class is often disregarded as long as the space serves its purpose. However, one should not neglect the fact that a bathroom can be made over with just a little bit of creativity, imagination, and a few bathroom accessories that can truly bring life back to turn it into more than just a room of drab fixtures and tile.

Among the most stylish and modern bath fixtures are those that are made of glass. These can be anything from soap dispensers, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and shelves. An addition of these will definitely improve the dynamics of your bathroom. There are basically three forms of glass finishes for you to choose from to complement the bathroom theme that you would want to achieve, and these are crushed, frozen, and handblown.

Crushed accessories typically sparkle with light. Upon visual inspection, actual crumbles of glass appear as if shattered pieces have been put together to achieve an artistically created item. You can see the content clearly inside the container. Many home improvement shops have a wide array of these types of fixtures available in a variety of colors and designs, all of which are elegant and inspiring. These types of fixtures are indeed perfect for a vibrant bathroom effect.

Frozen accessories do not necessarily shine upon light reflection as the surface is not transparent and does not illuminate well even with bright light due to its frosted appearance. In addition, the texture is smooth and even. Nevertheless, these are indeed stylish additions to a boring bathroom, especially because these come in various hues and shades to match your color preference. For a snowy and wintery bathroom effect, a frosted or frozen look will do the trick.

Bubbled accessories resemble clear glass but with tiny pockmarks or “bubble marks” all over. In a more unique view, these pecks can also be mistaken as water drops on the surface. These easily glisten with light and contents can be seen clearly. However, handblown fixtures come in a single transparent design and not in any other color. Achieving a classy, wet and wild bathroom effect is made possible with bubbled glass bath fixtures.

While shopping for the right kind of glass bath accessories can be a little bit confusing, you can always make the most of the experience by exploring different options in terms of glass types, colors, styles, and designs. Go beyond local shops and scour the internet for more variations. It would also help to think of a reasonable theme upon which decisions will be derived. Soon enough, you will be able to determine the best that will fit your preference as well as your very own bathroom style.

Making sure that bathroom plumbing is working properly is important for every home. Whether you are upgrading fixtures, building a new addition or simply maintaining daily plumbing functions, knowing what to do can minimize frustration and damage. Some plumbing issues are unavoidable and might require the work of a professional plumber. Others are possible to avoid by following simple bathroom maintenance tips that will save you money and time.

1. Hire a Professional

Generally, a plumbing expert is best for handling complex and emergency issues. Keep the contact information of a reputable plumbing company in your area.

2. Create a Plan

Before beginning a potential budget-busting and time-consuming plumbing project, develop a plan. A plan can help identify the appropriate materials necessary and where pipes are located, for example.

3. Think Energy Efficient

Consider going green if you want to upgrade bathroom fixtures. Doing so can improve the energy efficiency in your home and have a direct impact on utility bills. Many types of plumbing fixtures, from bathroom faucets to toilets, are available to offer high performance in homes.

4. Catch Small Issues

Do not ignore the occasional toilet overflow. This is one of the most common bathroom plumbing problems. If it appears that the water level is about to overflow, turn on cold water in the bathtub or basin. This slows the water and prevents it from overflowing until a plumber can further evaluate the problem.

5. Repair Leaky Faucets ASAP

Small drips from a leaky faucet can significantly increase your water bill. Typically, leaky faucets can waste hundreds of gallons of water each day that the problem goes unresolved. Therefore, you want to repair leaky faucets as soon as possible. Regular maintenance of faucets can also help to prevent considerable wear and tear.

6. Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes will not only leave your household without running water, but the risk of pipes bursting also increases. Leave faucets running if local weather forecasts an overnight freeze. If the pipes are already frozen, try using a space heater at 10 minute intervals for thawing. Remember not to leave the heater unattended.

7. Test for Toilet Leaks

Test for toilet leaks by checking the tank’s water level. If water is overflowing through the pipe located in the middle, adjust the fill valve. Do this until water stops within one inch of the overflow tube. Add a few drops of food coloring and wait 15 minutes before checking the bowl. If the toilet bowl water has changed color, you might need to replace a leaking flapper or ball.

8. Showerhead Maintenance

Flushing showerheads with clean water will remove mineral deposits that can clog the holes. Soaking the showerhead in vinegar is another way to remove the deposits.

9. Avoid Cleaning Tablets

Most toilet cleaning tablets can leave a nice smell, ocean blue water and damage to rubber gaskets. This causes a small leakage that leads to major toilet and flooring damage. Pouring bleach into the toilet and flushing after 10 minutes can have a safer cleansing effect.

10. Installing a Bathroom Vanity

Turn off water valves and place a bucket underneath the sink before installing a bathroom vanity. Residual water is usually a given even after valves are shut off. While this may seem obvious, it is easy to forget.

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