Mid Century Modern Bathroom

The modern American house, with its interlaced spaces, functional zones and cubic forms, was developed in Europe by Le Corbusier and others, modified in America by the works of the Masters, and transformed into a new idiom through its regionalization.

The images of the “American house” were transmitted around the world, making it the modern model for the 1950s and 1960s.

An essential contribution to the genesis of the ‘American modern house’ idea was given by John Entenza -publisher of Art & Architecture- that in 1945 conceived the ‘Case Study Houses Program’ together with some of the most important post-war Californian architects.

The houses had to be an example of modern and inexpensive way of building and living for post-war modern families.

The first houses included in the program were built in wood -due to the shortage of industrial materials- and their dimensions were regulated by law.

Six of these economical houses were built in California by 1948; they set the scene for what was to follow when conventional industrialized products once again became available on the market.

An exceptional house using prefabricated components was built by the designers Charles and Ray Eames in 1945-1949 in Santa Monica, California.

The house is set back from the sea on a hilly site, amidst trees that filter the light into its interior. lt is a box that recalls the delicacy of a Japanese shoji screen, in this instance with a prefabricated framework of metal, filled in by transparent and opaque panels of varying sizes.

The interior space, with its double-height living area overlooked by the sleeping loft, employs the same vocabulary, and features furnishings such as the now famous Eames chair.

The Richard Neutra Kaufman Desert House in Palm Springs, also, set the rules for the typical mid century modern American Suburbian houses.

The house ‘landed’ -as Richard Neutra liked to say- with its green grass all around and the swimming pool, in a desertic landscape surrounded by hills and rocks. Its plan has the shape of a cross with each wing designed by Neutra to have their own view and access to open space.

ln addition to its seminal 1932 “lnternational Style” exhibition, the Museum of Modern Art in New York also staged other events that brought modern architecture to an American audience.

ln 1949, for example, it exhibited a model – essentially suburban – house by Marcel Breuer. The house had a V-shaped butterfly roof, like that of Le Corbusier’s project for the Errazuriz House (1930) in Chile and with similar dimensions, and was also similar in the way that it was zoned for contemporary living.

Both houses were modified by locally manufactured materials and components. Breuer’s house reflected the exuberance of postwar optimism in America as a model for middle-income dwelling.

The Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House and Philip Johnson’s Glass House more than any other mid century modern house expressed the most known features of the American house: horizontality and spaces flowing into each others.

The Farnsworth House brings to a domestic level what van der Rohe already did with the Illinois Institute of Technology.

lt was unlike any conceived before it, consisting of a minimalist rectangular box enclosed by a floating roof slab and a floor slab suspended 1,5 m above the ground, both supported by eight steel H-columns.

The walls were of large panes of glass. ln plan it measured 8.6 m x 23.7 m.

The patio is on the west side and as big as the whole house. The one space plan interior is only divided by the kitchen-bathroom-fireplace core and a set of closets that screen the sleeping area.

The perfect integration of the house with the landscape, its lightness and sense of open made the Farnsworth house unique in the mid century modern as in the contemporary architectural scene.

Built before the Farnsworth House was completed but clearly indebted to its design was Philip Johnson’s Glass House (1949) in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Sitting on a low brick podium, it held a single space that was symmetrically contained by columns at the corners, centers and entrances of each of its four sides.

The interior itself was defined asymmetrically by free-standing cabinets and a cylindrical bathroom core, an arrangement that, according to Johnson in his Writings, was inspired by a Malevich painting.

According to Mies’ biographer Franz Schulze, “Mies disdained the house not simply because it was an imitation but because he considered it poorly detailed as well.”

Some years later, during a visit to the house, Mies and Johnson argue about it and other architectural matters, and their rift never healed.

As Schulze observed, it was probably for the best that Johnson left the shadow of the Master when he did, and went on to become one of America’s most influential architects.

However, as examples of perfect dwellings both the Farnsworth and Johnson houses failed.

They both allowed only poor climatic control, were expensive to build, and designed as pieces of art; not really attractive for the majority of people.

Despite this, the two houses became international icons of the mid century modern architecture and extraordinary successful.

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Modern Bathroom Lighting

Modern Bathroom Lighting. People are now starting to rethink almost everything from the places they live and how they want to live. Modern bathroom design trends have wanted changes and the innovations had been sensible, fun and interesting so far. The new generation of designers are now breaking out from the mold and creating bathroom interiors that are functional, elegant, and convenient to maintain. So whether you are organizing a bathroom remodeling project or starting to create something from scratch, here are wonderful ideas that will transform your bathroom into the innovative 21st century.

RTA Cabinets. Among the most popular home improvement items in the market today are RTA cabinets. These items offer the best economical deal that gives your bathroom organization, efficiency and an added appeal without breaking your bank. There are various styles, designs and colors available today to complement every bathroom d├ęcor. RTA cabinets are available in wall mounted, free standing, base, corner and other non standard models. There are also various stylish and organizational features for you to choose from.

Sinks & vanities. Modern bathrooms now boast sleek wall mounted vanities that enhance visual space inside the room. They are often matched with streamlined wall mounted faucets and streamlined vessel sinks that may not be that easy to maintain but decrease the needed counter depth.

Lighting fixtures. Just by simply altering your bathroom’s lighting fix, you are able to renew and give this part of your home a modern look and feel. Aside from creating a nice ambience, bathroom lights can also be designed in a way that it is more energy efficient, thus, saving you a lot of money from your monthly bills. Putting a dimmer inside your bathroom lets you control the mood of the room according to your feelings. Chromatherapy, an innovation in the lighting industry that displays an array of different colors, also helps a person find relief in the day’s stress.

Without a doubt, the bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in any house. One essential aspect of a good bathroom is the lighting. Good lighting makes the bathroom a pleasure to use. Now, there are modern bathroom lighting fixtures that can transform any bathroom from drab to fab in no time at all.

Installing modern bathroom lighting in your bathroom can spell the difference between simply adequate to cozy and comfortable. A well thought of new lighting fixture can instantly add style and sophistication to your bathroom. But most importantly, carefully planned lighting will enhance the function of your bathroom tenfold. Modern bathrooms have many functions as evidenced by the basic amenities it has such as vanity tops, sinks, bath tubs, cabinets, and mirrors. You can start you bathroom redesign by taking into account the different functions either in a single bathroom or in a number of bathrooms in your house.

Installing new lighting fixtures in your bathroom is closely tied with its interior design. It can be said that adding the appropriate lights is the finishing touch to the bathroom’s design because it will enhance the room’s ambience, add to its functionality and create a place that is pleasant and relaxing. If you use your bathroom more as a place for relaxation after a long hard day’s work, then using ambient lighting will surely enhance the relaxing atmosphere.

Another type of modern bathroom lighting is ambient lighting which aims to simulate natural light, thus creating a soft and subdued illumination. Ambient lighting can be achieved using different types of lighting fixtures. One of these is the use of cove lighting. You can also use rope lights which are installed behind recessed moldings for a more sophisticated but subdued effect. The goal of ambient lighting is to illuminate the room sufficiently without creating glare, thus the use of subtle lighting fixtures.

Meanwhile, for bathrooms that are mainly used for grooming and hygiene purposes, task lighting and side lighting will be more appropriate. Lights that fully illuminate the face and the body are used here. This ensures that grooming and make up can be accomplished in the proper manner. Shadows and dark areas can make grooming and putting on make-up harder than it is. Thus, strong and clear lights are used in task lighting. A good tip is to install lights along the sides of your bathroom mirror. You can also install side lights that illuminate your face and body without too much glare.

Accent lighting is another type you can use. As its name says, this type of lighting is used to accentuate and emphasize certain features inside your bathroom for dramatic effect or aesthetic appeal. Mini spot lights or flood lights can be used to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. A trip to your local furniture shop or interior decorator’s atelier can help you pick out what type of modern bathroom lighting to use.

It seems as if there are plenty of options available when it comes to modern bathroom light fixtures. Now, you can have as much modern bathroom lighting as you would like without spending more money than what you have available in your budget. The most important thing that you need to consider is that the lighting has to be something that you are happy with. After all, you will be using these lights every day for quite a long time.

Many homeowners prefer recessed lighting in their master bathroom. This is a beautiful look that is going to go with any type of home. Some people prefer LED lights in their bathroom because it is well-known that this form of lighting will last a number of years. Another benefit is that they are very bright. This is very important for above the bathroom sink as well as the shower area. Some people prefer modern bathroom lighting fixtures which have a dimmer switch on them. This is perfect for setting the mood for a bath after a long day at work.

If this is not something that you happen to be interested in, consider a couple of single wall sconces for your bathroom lighting. The good thing about this is the fact that there are a number of different styles and designs available. It is all going to depend on what it is that you are interested in. Just make sure that everything matches perfectly.

Some people prefer to put a light on their bathroom faucet. This is not only helpful at night-time, but it looks amazing.

Illuminated mirrors are another very important thing to consider for the bathroom. This is especially the case if you live with women. They want to get a good look at their makeup before they leave the home and start their days.

It is also important to keep in mind that colored light bulbs are becoming very popular. Some people prefer soft pink light bulbs. By doing things this way, nobody will even know that it is not a white light. However, it will definitely help relax your brain and the end of the day.

Track lights are also a very good idea in the bathroom. There are a number of different options available.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the lighting fixtures that you choose for your bathroom have to be something that you can be proud of and admire for a number of years.

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