Rustic Bathroom Mirrors

Using mirrors to give your bathroom a facelift is an excellent idea. Mirrors are great for creating illusions and to give more space and depth to smaller bathrooms. Not only that you can save space by choosing mirrors having cabinets that are multifunctional and also save space. There are a wide variety of mirrors for these purposes from traditional to contemporary to rustic style bathroom mirrors.

Bathroom mirrors are included in the bathroom vanity set. With the wide range of rustic bathroom mirrors available you need not compromise on style and aesthetic sense of your room.

Rustic mirrors with their simple, unsophisticated look can become a centre piece of entire bathroom provided it has the right frame. For example oval rustic mirrors with a golden mirror frame look good on porcelain sink.

These bathroom mirrors come in variety of shapes like round, oval, square, rectangle, arch etc. The frame can be made of wood, metal or resin. The color could be brown, black, silver etc. Rustic mirrors are available in both horizontal and vertical styles.

If you would like mirrors with lamps on either side with Swiss style motif and cedar barks then go for the designs of Arden Creek. They have user shelf with intricate twig work too.

There are also lodge style horizontal, vertical rustic mirrors available. Geometric design mirrors are also available. Another popular site for rustic mirrors is Rustic decorations where you have a beautiful vanity mirror with wooden frame and antique finish. Available at $21 it also serves as a photo frame. They also have design mirrors like mirrors with paddles which is a rustic mirror with fishing net and paddles. Another special mirror is the mirror with canoe where you can see your reflection amidst the setting of lakes, trees and canoes. This is available at a price of $44. Rocky mountain another rustic mirror site has some popular styles of mirror like metal sculpted mirrors, classic mirrors, aspen mirrors etc. This site has a wide range of mirrors with prices starting from $20 to $1000.

Here are some tips for making the mirrors more beautiful and your room more elegant.

  • You can buy frosting kit and stencil to create some beautiful designs.
  • Ensure that the mirror is not bigger than the vanity.
  • Use mirrors to reflect the object of interest thus increasing its presence.
  • Use appropriate light and light fixture to get the best effect from mirror.
  • You can use mirrors to hide the dark corners and to reflect the bathroom accessories.

Thus intelligently splurge on your bathroom so that you have no regrets later.

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Rustic Bathroom

I wanted to give everyone a heads up about bathroom vanities and mold. I was cleaning my house the other day and was disgusted when I opened up the cupboard door of my bathroom vanity. I was cleaning the counter top and sink and then decided on organizing down below and after moving a few shampoo bottles and hair products, I found a big mold stain just underneath the sink. Obviously I had a leak in my sink and the water was finding its way down into the cupboard and because of the warmth of my bathroom mold had formed.

Mold can be dangerous to have in a house and it can get really bad and become harmful for people to live in the house. You should regularly check bathroom vanities and under the sink of your kitchen for mold on a regular basis. It is always best to be safe because you don’t want people to become sick.

I had a friend that was remodeling her kitchen and had decided to replace the sink. When the contractor moved the sink away from the wall he had found a lot of mold. The wall that the sink was attached to was practically just mold and the problem was so bad that they had to rip out most of the area and replace it. The builders all wore protection masks because one of the guys that they had worked with a few years ago had gotten really sick after doing a similar job.

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