Tiled Bathrooms

Tiled Bathrooms. If you’ve recently dyed your hair and unfortunately managed to get some hair dye onto your bathroom tiles or your bathtub, there are a number of things you can try to remove it.

Before you start, you should remember that you don’t want to take any of the enamel off the coating of your tile. Porcelain and ceramic tiles often have a high gloss finish that you don’t want to damage. If you do, your tiles will look matted and worn. You may also scratch them.

Also, be sure to do a test patch on a small area on an unseen or un-noticeable tile. (Even better, use a spare tile that’s not on your bathroom wall – at Builder Superstore we recommend adding 10% of your order on top to account for spares, breakages and replacements.)

-If you can, wipe as much of the hair dye off the bathroom tile or bath as soon as it occurs. Spray with hairspray and wipe.

-If you have hair dye stains in your bath, fill the bath with water and bleach, and leave to soak overnight. (Be sure to keep the area well ventilated).

-You can buy specialist products such as Scrubbing Bubbles (used in many salons), or Magic Eraser. (Be sure to do test patches).

There’s no getting around the fact that a tile floor looks gorgeous in almost any bathroom. They are durable, practical, attractive, and when done tastefully and carefully, they will survive numerous bathroom remodels. If you haven’t thought about putting one in because they’re cold on bare feet during the winter, you can solve that problem by putting heating elements down first before laying your tile. No matter how you go about it, though, you’re going to add a lot of class to any bathroom by laying a tile bathroom floor.

You may have some problems deciding on the type of tile you want. After all, there are hundreds of different tiles made of many materials in a variety of sizes, colors, textures, and designs. It may seem like a daunting task to select the ones that are going to be just right in your own home. There are some resources you can use, though, in selecting your floor tiles. One is to go to a home improvement store and look at the displays that have been set up in the store. These will give you some ideas of different ways stock tiles can be laid and what they will look like when they are.

A second option is to browse through the racks of sample tiles, looking at the pictures of floors that others have laid using them. Most stores employ a decorator who will be able to help you make the right choices. Be sure to take samples of your paint color with you in order to match your tiles to the room. Choosing blue tiles to go in your blue bathroom may only result in a clash of two totally different shades. This person will ask you questions about your room and your personal preferences before making suggestions.

It’s also a good idea to spend some time looking at photos of tile floors online, because you will get a lot of ideas there. There may well be one picture of a floor that will catch both your eye and your imagination. Laying a tile bathroom floor is something that is going to result in making you happy every time you look at it for many years to come.

Many people are afraid to attempt home improvement tasks in their own home and never attempt to have a go for themselves but not all home improvement tasks are that difficult. Most jobs may need a little preparation and perhaps a little reading up on the job but not much more than this. One such job that many people pay a builder to do is laying a tiled bathroom floor but this is a really easy task that can be accomplished with a little bit of patience. Here are the basics to help you complete this bathroom improvement task.

The first thing to do is to ensure that the floor is clear or any mats or rugs and that you have plenty of space to work in. Organise the tools and equipment that you will need to use such as rubber mallet, spirit level, tile adhesive, tile grout, tile spacers and flooring trowel, when you are happy that you have all of these things to hand you are ready to begin.

Apply some tile adhesive to the back of a tile and lay it in a corner of the room, from there continue to do this making sure that all tiles are flat and square to each other. To do this you will need the spirit level and the mallet.

When you are happy that all of the tiles are laid correctly you should wait for the tile adhesive to set before you apply the grout to the joints using a grout spreader. When the grout is applied you should make sure that the joints are pointed correctly to help ant water to run off. When pointed correctly you should use a special grout cleaning sponge to remove any excess grout.

It has been reported recently that more and more children are choosing to stay living at home way after the length of time that they previously would have moved out. It is believed that with the current economic climate as it is and the uncertainty of job security coupled with the fact that house prices are still extremely high more young adults are choosing the security of their parent’s home over the responsibility of buying their own property. For many parents this is fine but as children grow up they take up more and more living space and require more privacy than in their younger years. So what is the answer to helping to keep harmony in the home? Perhaps you should install an en suite bathroom in your bedroom.

En suite bathrooms used to be only for the very well off families in society but in recent years more and more people have realised that in fact they are quite an affordable commodity.

The first thing to decide is whether or not you have the space in your bedroom to put a bathroom, it does not have to be a huge space simply enough for a toilet, basin and a shower. Once you have decided that you can fit on in you should contact a local builder to see whether or not it is practical to do. If you are clear to go ahead you should then decide whether or not you feel confident enough to do the job yourself or whether you should pay a plumber or builder to carry out the work.

Either way, whether you decide to do the work yourself or pay a tradesman to do the work putting an en suite bathroom in your home could be the difference between family harmony and a family fight.

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