Wet Bathroom

As an alternative to the standard shower, wet rooms have become increasingly popular. Replacing the shower tray and curtain the shower room is a shower affixed to the wall in a tiled space. The floor is on a gradient allowing the water to drain away naturally.

It is of course essential that the work be carried out correctly but wet rooms can be installed on a do it yourself project. With the increase in popularity many professional companies have the experience of installation with advice on space required and the knowledge of the best materials that need to be used.

You may choose to convert an existing bathroom but shower rooms can be installed in other areas of the house. As yet unused parts of the home like cupboards and small spaces can be converted to wet rooms all that is needed is the shower, tiling and drainage.

A look around your property may reveal the potential to include a shower room. This will not only add an additional facility to your home but at the same time may increase the value of your house when it comes to being sold. Look at other areas like the garden shed or barn, a shower room could be installed here for the use of the gardeners and those doing other outdoors pursuits needing to clean up before entering the house.

Other benefits of a shower room are the accessibility for those who struggle to step into a standard shower, with a shower room the mobility problem is overcome. A cost and labour-saving benefit is the lack of shower curtain or glass that needs to be cleaned making life a great deal easier.