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Chlorine shower filters are important for a number of reasons. It is a well known fact that chemicals can enter your body through your skin. It is believed that people who do not use chlorine filters for shower heads absorb more chemicals than a person drinking gallons of the same water.

The popularity of trans-dermal patches as an efficient delivery system has proven that medications pass easily through the pores of the skin. Chlorine can enter your body through your skin, also. In addition, chlorine and other chemicals are vaporized during a hot shower, so the chemicals are inhaled, as well. It’s really double exposure. Well made chlorine shower filters can prevent these potentially deadly chemicals from harming you at all.

That’s why many experts say that using chlorine filters for shower heads may be even more important than a filter for your kitchen tap. Inhaled chemicals enter the blood stream quicker than ingested ones. So, the negative effects could be felt immediately, depending on the sensitivity of the individual.

Many health benefits can be obtained by the use of chlorine shower filters. Asthmatics have fewer attacks when they are not exposed to chlorine vapor on a daily basis. People in the swimming pool industry have long known that inhalation of chlorine fumes can trigger asthma attacks, especially at indoor pools where the fumes are concentrated due to lack of ventilation.


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